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Friday, July 30, 2010

Foot fetish compacity

Omg the days have been moving so fast that I haven't even realized that today is friday. Seriously, my projects have been advancing so quick that days on the calendar are nothing to me anymore. I just wake up and get to work or other times I play. What a shame *giggle* I mean I have a calender siting right here next to me but I dont even mark it anymore. So anyways, I have so many foot fetish content to edit and send out its ridiculous. My projects are slowly beginning to blossom while others are already selling like hotcakes. YaY for you hmm.... I have so many requests and questions about my upcoming content. Well, you must wait it boys because Princess Simone dosent like to be overwhelmed while working out the kinks. With that being said I see competitors are once again baffled and perplexed by my many mind-fuck techniques in this fetish industry. Hehehe what a pity. I see confusion, fear, anger all types of shit going on. Who cares, I know I dont, never have and never will and my Simonster Fans are adoring me to the fullest. Mauh Mauh Mauh... Keep checking back boys and keep drooling more in store

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Foot attraction

Now this is an interesting topic. More women are beginning to express to Goddess Simone that they want to suck on my toes. Bold and upfront but yes I'm flattered. So the question is am I into women? Women are very beautiful to me how in the world would I say that I don't find them to be attractive, however a man is everthing I desire. So when females share with me that my feet stimulates them to the point of requesting for a real time session, I end up declining for a number of reasons. For

1. Women are crazy period. When it comes down to dealing with chemistry and illusion, they tend to become very delusional and project family baggage onto a person. Not all women but something about lesbians and bi females especialy les, they tend to become very possessive. I cant speak for everyone, this is just my opinion and observation. I just recently emailed a femdom asking her why she compulsively clicks on my site so much and I mean in a strange way I wont really elaborate on but she was just dead wrong and got busted. She never responded which I simply couldn't care about but the fact that her spying is so obvious besides the normal browsing. Furthermore she lives in the same geographical area where I dwell which makes her more excited. On top of that, she hangs with another femdom or so called that I NEVER want to have anything to do with and the 2 of them tried to pull a slick one one me. The shit was so hilarious and pathetic. The 2 of them still cant stop looking at me either lol.

2. Women are competitive and sheisty. I dont meet up with women online period. I had a few proposals by dommes who claim its just a girly girl meet up for drinks and things of that nature but I take no risk. Not my cup of tea. Next thing you know they are blogging retard garbage about what I look like in person vs my images and how they will try and expose flaws to personal info and what ever else they could mix together. Of course Im very selective at what I choose to discuss when interacting with people but still back to #1. women are crazy.

3. My focus is leaned towards men. I just love love love every thing about them revolving around how I drive them absolutely insane over my sexy and pretty black feet. I only do real time sessions with V. I. P. Simonester Fans only and never have issues. So all the ladies can do is just continue to shower me with compliments and tweet me here and there or Yahoo instant message me (if I feel comfortable with them).

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


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